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DIXON 25mm

Gunfighters and Cowboys are cast with a number of head variants within each figure code (unless listed otherwise) providing different and interesting facial expressions with varied moustaches.

WG01 Shooting '45 from hip €1.40
WG02 Standing firing shotgun €1.40
WG03 Firing '45 from shoulder €1.40
WG04 Kneeling firing '45 from shoulder €1.40
WG05 Crouching firing sawnoff shotgun €1.40
WG06 Standing firing Winchester rifle €1.40
WG43 Crouching - shirt sleeves - firing shotgun €1.40
WG44 One armed man - shirt sleeves - advancing - revolver €1.40
WG45 Duster & winchester at ready €1.40
WG46 Duster firing shotgun from hip €1.40
WG47 Duster - running - sawn off shotgun €1.40
WG48 Bank robber - duster & moneybag shotgun €1.40
WG49 Bank robber - duster & moneybag - running - revolver €1.40
WG50 Frockcoat - advancing - firing 2 revolvers €1.40
WG51 Frockcoat - kneeling - firing revolver €1.40
WG52 Frockcoat - revolver - falling, shot €1.40
WG53 Frockcoat - lying dead (No head variant) €1.40
WG54 Frockcoat - lying wounded €1.40
WG55 Frockcoat - kneeling firing sawn off shotgun €1.40
WG56 Frockcoat - firing revolver from hip €1.40
WG57 Frockcoat - firing '45 - shoulder height €1.40
WG58 Shirtsleeves - drawing revolver €1.40
WG59 Shirtsleeves - crouching firing Winchester €1.40
WG60 Waistcoat - falling - revolver €1.40
WG61 'Fireman's' shirt turning and firing revolver €1.40
WG62 Long coat and 2 revolvers firing €1.40
WG63 Long coat - turning - firing revolver €1.40
WG64 Frockcoat - standing revolver at ready €1.40
WG65 Frockcoat - firing sawn off shotgun €1.40
WG66 Shirtsleeves - loading Springfield rifle €1.40
WG67 'Fireman's' shirt Winchester at ready €1.40
WG68 Shirtsleeves - crouching firing revolver €1.40
WG69 Shirtsleeves - standing firing revolver €1.40


MWG01 Casual pose - woolly chaps, waistcoat €1.40
MWG02 Firing .45 in air - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG03 Firing .45 behind round to left - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG04 Falling from saddle shot - holding .45 - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG05 Firing Winchester to side - waistcoat and woolly chaps €1.40
MWG06 Firing Winchester behind - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG07 Firing .45 - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG08 Falling from saddle holding Winchester - waistcoat and 'batwing' chaps €1.40
MWG09 Duster - toting shotgun €1.40
MWG10 Duster - firing revolver to rear €1.40
MWG11 Duster - toting shotgun €1.40
MWG12 Duster - firing revolver to left €1.40
MWG13 Duster - with Winchester rifle €1.40
MWG14 Duster - slumped in saddle clutching arm wound €1.40


WG76 Charging - raised machete €1.40
WG77 Charging - with mattock €1.40
WG78 At ready with scythe €1.40
WG79 Crouching - Winchester €1.40
WG80 Running - Winchester €1.40
WG81 Charging - using rifle as a club €1.40


WG82 Standing - brandishing Winchester €1.40
WG83 Advancing - Winchester €1.40
WG84 Standing - brandishing revolver €1.40
WG85 Firing revolver €1.40
WG86 Bandit leader - pointing - revolver €1.40
WG87 Standing firing rifle €1.40
WG88 Kneeling firing rifle €1.40
WG89 Falling wounded - revolver €1.40
WG90 Lying dead (No head variant) €1.40
WG91 Seated on ground - (No head variant) €1.40


MWG15 Toting Winchester - Short jacket and gazumas €1.40
MWG16 Toting revolver - Shirtsleeves and gazumas €1.40
MWG17 Turning firing revolver - Shirtsleeves and gazumas €1.40
MWG18 Brandishing revolver - Short jacket and gazumas €1.40


H45 Horse at gallop €2.15
H46 Horse at gallop - outstretched €2.15
H47 Horse walking €2.15
H48 Horse walking €2.15
H49 Horse standing - head down €2.15
STGH1 Harnessed horse galloping - outstretched €2.15
STGH2 Harnessed horse galloping - legs gathered in €2.15
STGH3 Harnessed horse standing - head down €2.15
STGH4 Harnessed horse standing - head up €2.15

COWBOYS - Suitable For Use With Chuck Wagon And Prairie Schooner

WG7 & 8 should be used as a pair
WG07 Cowboy holding out coffee mug €1.40
WG08 Chuck Wagon cook pouring from coffee pot €1.40
WG09 Cook's assistant, 'Little Mary' - carrying sack €1.40

CIVILIANS - Suitable For Acw Or Old West, Etc

WG10 Woman walking €1.40
WG11 Boy running waving hat €1.40
WG12 Gambler/Sutler- standing with cigar €1.40
WG27 Lady standing, looking stern! €1.40
WG28 'Hurty Gurty' or saloon girl - raising glass and frock to show garter! €1.40
WG29 Saloon girl putting down glass €1.40
WG30 Dancing girl, hands on hips €1.40
WG31 Boy walking - hands in pockets €1.40
WG32 Girl walking with basket €1.40
WG33 Newspaper boy running €1.40
WG34 Chinaman running €1.40
WG35 Chinaman walking - carrying pack - pillbox cap €1.40
WG36 Chinaman standing - conical hat €1.40

Suitable for most periods from mid 18thC to late 19thC

WG37 Woman ramming musket €1.40
WG38 Boy charging using musket as a club €1.40
WG39 Woman firing musket from hip €1.40
WG40 Woman crounching priming musket €1.40
WG41 Boy crouching carrying squirrel gun! €1.40
WG42 Girl running - looking behind €1.40


The Long Riders

WG13 Bankrobber with bankbag turning to shoot €1.40
WG14 Bankrobber with bankbag running with sawn-off shotgun €1.40
WG15 Man standing firing Winchester €1.40
WG16 Man running - shooting forwards from shoulder €1.40
WG17 Man gut-shot still firing from hip €1.40
WG18 Man lying dead €1.40


WGP1 Wild Bill Hickock firing revolver €1.40
WGP2 Commodore Perry Owens firing rifle from hip €1.40
WGP3 Billy the Kid firing revolver €1.40
WGP4 Pearl Hart (Taylor) drawing revolver €1.40
WGP5 Cattle Annie, firing Winchester in air €1.40
WGP6 Little Britches, Winchester at ready €1.40

Horses H45-H49 are all suitable for the below mounted figures

MWGP1 Billy the Kid carrying Winchester €1.40
MWGP2 Calamity Jane holding carbine aloft! €1.40
MWGP3 Cattle Annie levelled Winchester €1.40
MWGP4 Little Britches brandishing revolver €1.40


STGl Stage coach complete with four horse team, driver, shotgun guard €33.00
STGlb Stage coach complete with four standing horses team and driver €33.00


WG19 Seated 'Doctor' half specs and bag €1.40
WG20 Seated lady €1.40
WG21 Seated cowboy lounging with hat over face €1.40
WG22 Stagecoach porter bending lifting suitcase €1.40
WG23 Stagecoach porter handing up hat box €1.40
WG24 Young lady, standing hand on hip, folded parasol €1.40
WG25 Town Gent standing top hat in hand outstretched left hand €1.40
WG26 Lady stepping up, as if into stagecoach €1.40
WG70 Seated driver - shirtsleeves €1.40
WG71 Man bending to pick up barrel (without base for use with buckboard wagon) €1.40
WG72 Man lifting barrel - as on to wagon €1.40
WG73 Shotgunner seated firing - waistcoat (no head variant.) €1.40
WG74 Man seated firing .45 as out of stagecoach window (no head variant) €1.40
WG75 Man seated as if on top of stagecoach - Winchester rifle €1.40


MTl is suitable for use with CWl - Chuck wagon or STGl - Stage coach. MT2 is suitable for use with CW2 Prairie schooner.

OX2 Oxen bearing yoke suitable for use with CW1, CW2 or CW3 €2.15
CW1 Chuck Wagon, complete with barrel, coffee grinder; coffee pot! €15.70
CW2(a) Prairie Schooner (covered wagon) complete with cover €15.70
CW2(b) Prairie Schooner with hood removed leaving support hoops €15.70
CW3(a) Buckboard Wagon €12.40
WWA5 Cover - suitable for CW1 or CW3a €2.50
CW3(b) Buckboard Wagon with cover €15.70
MT1 4 Mule team with driver (to seat on chuck wagon) €9.85
MT2 6 Mule team with driver (to seat on rear mule) €14.10


WW/COMP01  Buckboard Wagon (CW3a) Complete with 2 horse team (STGH3 4) Driver and Loaders WG70 - 72 €20.70  
WW/COMP02  Covered Wagon (CW3b) complete with driver and any 6 standing horse (a) or Ox (b) or mule team (c)(please indicate) €25.00 
WW/COMP03  Covered Prairie Schooner (CW2) with 6 Mule (a) or 6 horses (b) Ox team (c) and Driver €30.00 
WW/COMP04  On the Range! Cowboy camp fire set with Chuck Wagon (CW1a), 6 Cowboys (inc WGV2 - fiddler set) in casual demeanor, 1 mounted cowboy. campfire, 2 dogs €32.50 
WW/COMP05  Noon Stage! Stagecoach (STG1b) complete with driver. 6 standing horses, 2 porters with cases, 15 assorted townsfolk, 1 mounted cowboy. €66.35 
WW/COMP06  Under Attack! - Stagecoach (STG1a) complete with 3 passengers, driver and 2 men on top. €41.50 
WW/COMP07  Indian Attack! - Covered Wagon (CW3b) with 4 ox team and about 12 mixed pioneers and Marauding Injuns! (inc. 2 mtd.) €46.00  
WW/COMP08  Last Stand! - CUSTER and dismounted cavalry (15) inc 2 horses also 12 mounted Indians ; 8 dismounted. €65,50 
WW/COMP09  TOMBSTONE - Gunfight at the OK Corral inc. Wyatt Earp brothers, Doc Holliday; the Clantons (Dead or Alive) 12 figures €15.95  
WW/COMP10  NORTHFIELD MINNESOTA - The James Gang's last raid inc. 8 mtd gang in dusters) 8 dismounted robbers (in dusters) plus 10 angry townspeople! €54.00 


WWA1 Buffalo skull and long horn steer skull €1.40
BUF1 Buffalo running legs out €2.15
BUF2 Buffalo running legs gathered €2.15
COW1 Cow standing - head up €2.15
COW2 Cow standing - head down €2.15
LHS1 Long horn steer stampeeding €2.15
LHS2 Long horn steer stampeeding €2.15
OX1 Oxen bellowing! €2.15
PD1 Pack Donkey €2.15
WWA3 Assorted stagecoach luggage inc. strong box €2.50
WWA4 Camp fire with assorted pots and pans €2.50
WWA2 Plain card table and four chairs €4.20


WGV3 Poker set - including table and four poker players €10.90
WGV1a Photographer with camera (classed as 2 man vignette) €2.50
WGV1b Dead body with coffin (classed as 2 man vignette) €2.50
WGV2 Man seated playing violin with man doing jig €2.50