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Most 15mm packs consist of 8 infantry or 4 cavalry, unless otherwise noted in brackets

Code A  Code B  Code C  Code D  Code E  Code F  Code G  Code H 
1.75€  3.45€  3.90€  4.30€  5.20€  6.00€  6.90€  7.75€ 

SEVEN YEARS WAR - 1756-1763


ASY1 Fusilier B

ASY2 Grenadier B

ASY3 Jäger B

ASY4 Hungarian Fusilier B

ASY5 Hungarian Grenadier B

ASY6 Grenzer B

ASY7 Cuirassier B

ASY8 Carabinier B

ASY9 Dragoon B

ASY10 Horse Grenadier B

ASY11 Hussar colpak B

ASY12 Mounted Pandour B

ASY13 Fusilier Command B

ASY14 Grenadier Command B

ASY15 Hungarian Command B

ASY16 Grenzer Command B

ASY17 Cuirassier Command B

ASY18 Dragoon Command B

ASY19 Hussar Command B

ASY20 Personalities Gen Daun Loudon Nadasti B

ASY21 Mounted Colonels x 4 B

ASY22 Artillery Crew B

ASY23 Artillery Limber with 6 horse Team E


BSY1 Line B

BSY2 Grenadier B

BSY3 Highlander B

BSY4 Highlander Grenadier B

BSY5 Line Cavalry/Dragoon B

BSY7 Light Dragoon B

BSY8 Horse Grenadier B

BSY9 Royal Artillery B

BSY10 Line Command B

BSY11 Highland Command B

BSY12 Line Cavalry/ Command (trumpeter or Bugler - state which) B

BSY13 Dragoon Command B

BSY14 Light Dragoon Command B

BSY15 Personalities Marquis of Granby Duke of Brunswick Gen Luckner (Hussar) B

BSY16 Mounted Colonels x 4 B


BSY17 American Militia/British Infantry short coat B

BSY17a British Infantry light order B

BSY17b British Infantry Lt order broad brimmed hat B

BSY18 American Infantry hunting shirt B

BSY19 British Light Armed Infantry skirmishing B

BSY20 Rogers Rangers B

BSY21 Butlers Rangers B

BSY22 Gorehams Rangers B

BSY23 British Infantry Command N America B

BSY24 Ranger Command B

BSY25 Settlers mixed B

BSY26 Iroquois Indians mixed B

BSY27 Personalities Wolfe Montcalm Washington B


FSY1 Garde Francais/Swiss Guard B

FSY2 Grenadier B

FSY3 Line Infantry full skirted coat 1736/57 attack march B

FSY3a Line Infantry full skirted coat 1736/57 advancing B

FSY4 Line Infantry turnbacks 1757 attack march B

FSY5 Chasseurs de Fischer Infantry B

FSY6 Claremont Prince Volunteers Infantry B

FSY7 Gendarme Cavalry Maison du Roi B

FSY8 Musketeers Maison du Roi B

FSY9 Horse Grenadiers Maison du Roi B

FSY10 Line Cavalry Tricorne B

FSY11 Line Cavalry Bearskin B

FSY12 Line Dragoon Bonnet de Police B

FSY13 Claremont Prince Dragoon B

FSY14 Fischers Chasseur B

FSY15 Artillery Crew B

FSY16 Garde Francais/Swiss Guard Command B

FSY17 Line Infantry Command B

FSY18 Fischers Chasseur Command mounted & foot B

FSY19 Claremont Prince Vols Command mounted & foot B

FSY20 Gendarme Command B

FSY21 Musketeer Command B

FSY22 Horse Grenadier Command B

FSY23 Line Cavalry Command B

FSY23a Line Command Bonnet de Police B

FSY24 Dragoon Command B

FSY25 Personalities Marshall Soubise Gen Chevert & Officer B

FSY26 Mounted Colonels x 4 B

FSY27 Hussar B


FSY27a French Infantry light order Pokalem hat B

FSY27b French Infantry light order B

FSY28 French Colonial Infantry B

FSY28a Hussar Command B

FSY29 French Militia/Colonial Infantry skirmishing B

FSY30 Coureur du Bois B

FSY31 French Canadian Infantry Command B

FSY32 French Colonial Artillery B

FSY33 Abenaki Indians mixed B


PSY1 Musketeer attack march B

PSY2 Grenadier attack march B

PSY3 Fusilier attack march B

PSY4 Jäger B

PSY5 Freikorps von Kleist Infantry (Green Croat) B

PSY6 Freikorps von Kleist Uhlan B

PSY7 Freikorps von Kleist Horse Grenadier B

PSY8 Cuirassier charging sword over shoulder B

PSY8a Cuirassier charging B

PSY9 Dragoon charging sword over shoulder B

PSY9a Dragoon charging B

PSY10 Hussar mirliton B

PSY10a Hussar colpack B

PSY11 Bosniaks B

PSY12 Musketeer command B

PSY13 Grenadier command B

PSY14 Fusilier command B

PSY15 Cuirassier command B

PSY16 Dragoon command B

PSY17 Hussar command mirlitron B

PSY17a Hussar command colpack B

PSY18 Freikorps von Kleist Cavalry command B

PSY19 Bosniak command B

PSY20 Personalities Frederick von Seydlitz von Zieten B

PSY21 Mounted Colonels x 4 B

PSY22 Artillery crew B

PSY23 Horse Artillery crew B

PSY24 Ulanencorps Krezowsky B

PSY25 Mounted Feld Jäger B

PSY26 Garde du Corps command with vexillum standard B

PSY27 Musketeer charging B

PSY28 Grenadier charging B

PSY29 Fusilier charging B

PSY30 Musketeer command charging B

PSY31 Grenadier command charging B

PSY32 Fusilier command charging B

PSY33 Musketeer advancing B

PSY34 Artillery Limber and 6 horse Team E


HSY1 Line Infantry B

HSY2 Grenadier B

HSY3 Freikorps Legion Britanique Infantry B

HSY4 Jäger B

HSY5 Line Cavalry B

HSY6 Horse Grenadier B

HSY7 Legion Britanique cavalry B

HSY8 Line Command B

HSY9 Freikorps Command mounted & foot B

HSY10 Line Cavalry command B

HSY11 Mounted Colonels x 4 B


LSY1 Musketeer B

LSY2 Black Carabiniers B

LSY3 Colonel/Carabinier Command B


RSY1 Musketeer B

RSY2 Grenadier B

RSY3 Pandour B

RSY4 Musketeer summer dress B

RSY5 Musketeer Corps of Observation B

RSY6 Dragoon B

RSY7 Horse Grenadier B

RSY8 Cossack B

RSY9 Infantry Command B

RSY10 Pandour Command B

RSY11 Dragoon Command B

RSY12 Mounted Staff B

RSY13 Artillery Crew B

RSY14 Bombardier Crew use ORD52 or 53 B

RSY15 Hussar B

RSY16 Hussar Command B


SSY1 Musketeer B

SSY2 Grenadier B

SSY3 Cavalry Tricorne B

SSY5 Artillery Crew B

SSY6 Infantry Command B

SSY7 Cavalry Command B

SSY8 Colonels B


SYG1 Coehorn Mortars x 4 B

SYG2 3pdr Battalion Gun x 3 B

SYG3 7pdr Howitzer x 3 B

SYG4 6pdr Gun x 2 B

SYG5 12pdr Gun x 2 B

SYG6 10pdr Howitzer x 2 B

SYG7 24pdr Gun x 2 B

SYG8 12pdr Naval Gun 1750-1815 x 2 B

SYG9 32pdr Fortress Gun 1750-1815 x 2 B

SYG10 Russian Unicorn Gun/Howitzer x 2 B

SYG11 Russian Shuvalov Gun/Howitzer x 3 B

CAS7 Destroyed Guns x 3 B

CAS8 Destroyed Ammo Wagon B