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This article is in Spanish and is a breif summary of the famous Marshal's life.


KAMPFGRUPPE Historical Miniatures Gaming Club of Indiana with lots of excellente photos on their gallery; even 6mm Adler figures.


Excellent Guide to Napoleonic 15mm miniatures and wars with lots of links. A very new site by a fan and growing.

Excellent Guide to the life of Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars with lots of links.
WARFLAGS Ian Croxall's website, one of the most awesome collection of Battle Standards ranging from Medieval to modern, has ready made flags to equip your regimental standards; simply copy & print to scale at no charge whatsoever. If you do not have a colour printer, you can also write Ian and request copies of his flags printed to suit your scale at a very reasonable price. Fabulously detailed, innovative style of texturing you will surely be impressed with!
Web-Grognards The site for wargames on the web. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered.
A site with numerous links to all aspects of wargaming. Also providing a Wargames and Military History search engine.
DBM MARK' S HOMEPAGE The site for DBM & PBEM players.
AUSTRALIAN DBM RATINGS Shows the Australian Competition Ratings and analyses the most used and most successful armies. Clearly explained and well presented.
INTERNATIONAL WARGAMES FEDERATION 2001 World Individual Wargames Championships.
L' ART DE LA GUERRE Fantastic site dedicated to the Art of War. Also Napoleonic History is covered.
PAR TOUTAIS French DBM site with great pics.
Battleship Bismarck This site is dedicated to one of the most popular ships of WWII. Also includes a forum.