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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site!We aim to provide the Wargamer and Collector alike, with the most complete variety of Miniatures, Terrain, Buildings, Rules, Books, Accessories and Bases for your miniatures to suit your needs.

We offer sections dedicated to painting techniques, a beginners guide for those people who would love to get started in the wargaming hobby, dioramas, conversions and articles.

See New Products for the latest additions to our pages, as well as our "Notices" where there will be important news of interest to you.

We are always open to suggestions from our customers and visitors to this site to improve our pages and services. Any idea or suggestion will be most welcome, please e-mail us with your comments and suggestions.

We are also open to commercial consultations with other companies and/or people interested in doing businesses with us.

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We hope that you will enjoy the world of fascination that this hobby has to offer!

Dermot Quigley & Marta Huercio

Please note: that all prices on these pages are subject to change without prior notice!