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Updated 5th May 2005

Telephone/Fax Orders: 00-34-934545883

Catalogue Updates:

NEW MAKES: Scotia 6mm, Grendel, Scenic Effects buildings and fabulous road, river and field terrain. Mainly Military buildings and accessories. Newline Design 20mm figures, real 1/72 scale. Old Glory, Battle Honours, and WWII Vehicles from Quality Castings all for 15mm. Command Decision 15mm WWII figures can be ordered.

Updated Minifigs 12mm catalogues tons of new stuff!

COMING SOON! "Wargamers Peninsular Scenario" Book with full colour maps based on contemporary ones but with clear troop movement and dispositions, full OOBs down to the last man! Plenty of scenarios and interactive way to get plenty of games from just one scenario. Good, CLEAR battle descriptions. Plus how to use them in campaign games. Can be used and adapted for any rules as troop class, type and numbers are complete but with special moral point rating. Anyone who has "In the Name of Glory" can play these scenarios immediately. You can buy these rules from us.

Icon Miniatures / Harlequin , fantasy and historical 28mm
Chariot Miniatures 10mm: ACW, Franco-Prussian, Zulu, WWII.
Minifigs historical 25mm
Veni Vidi Vici transfers for miniatures shields and chariots 15mm and 25mm(see accessories page)
Gripping Beast 25mm
Reaper 25mm fantasy

Coming soon: new catalogues:

MJ Figures fantasy and historical 15mm
Ral Partha 25mm fantasía
Chariot Miniatures fantasy 15mm
Adler 6mm Seven Years War
Hovels, buildings and accessories 15mm and 25mm

Napoleonic Rules In The Name of Glory now also available in Spanish.

Fantassinnew references and new moulds for these fantastic Napoleonic miniatures. We will soon have the Cuban and Carlist War catalogues up.

Corvus Belli from Spain 15mm historical. Fabulously detailed figures here. See images in the catalogue.

For a super new product look at our Flocking Gels. This is the easiest, quickest and cleanest way of basing your figures.